Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Ridiculous (and hurtful) things parents say – and what children actually hear.

What we say to our children has a huge impact on how they see the world and more importantly how they see themselves. At times we can lose our patience and say things that we don't really mean - things that may seem harmless to us, but what do our children actually hear. This is a list of some commonly used phrases that parents use and the messages that are being received by our children.

1)      You better do _____or else.


“Something bad is going to happen to you if you don’t ______”


2)      Don’t talk back to me.


“What you have to say is not important to me.”


3)      I’ll give you something to cry about.


“Your feelings don’t matter to me.”


4)      Think about the starving children in Africa.


“You should keep eating, even when you are full or don’t enjoy it.”


5)      Don’t make me come over there!


“If I have to come over there, something bad will happen to you.”


6)      When I was your age we didn’t have________.


“Don’t be so selfish.

7)      You are getting on my last nerve.


“I don’t enjoy being with you.”


8)      You are going to get it!


“You are not going to like what I am about to do.”


9)      Why can’t you be more like your sister/brother?


“Who you are isn’t good enough.”


10)  Well…if all your friends jumped off a bridge would you want to do that too?


“You are not smart enough to make your own decisions.”


11)  You are cruising for a bruising.


“What you are doing makes me want to hurt you.”


12)  Life isn’t fair.


“Fairness is not something that we value.”


Choose you words carefully and protect your child’s self-esteem.

What ridiculous things do you find yourself saying to your children? Post them below.

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